Wednesday, June 09, 2004



That's how I feel today. Like everyone and everything is pushing in from all sides.

Slept in a bit, which was fine because there was no reason to get up, for a change. Got up and made breakfast for the the 2 younger ones, gave them their meds, and put all 3 kids on the nebulizer. Then I don't know what happened to the time because it was lunch and so I made some grilled cheese and sliced an apple and we all ate then dashed out the door to see Harry Potter again.

I liked the movie very much, but did not enjoy the experience. DS2 is mostly interested in the popcorn at this stage, and the movie is too grown-up for him. DS1 and DD really seemed to enjoy it. There were some really great moments, but I didn't get to savor any of it, since DS1 and DS2 where making comments here and there throughout, which is very annoying. I don't think I've shh'ed so many times in a 2-hour period, ever. Sheesh.

Got home from the movies and realized I forgot to cancel the babysitter when I heard her message. Ooops. I also had a message from my Southern Living at Home rep, and that just makes me want to cry with frustration, but I'm trying to keep my chin up about it. Then I checked my email and I have a nag message from the guys I work with, asking for copy.

Now I don't know how different things would be if the kids were not sick, and I was feeling better, but the kids are sick and I'm still feeling crummy, so the fact is, I've done some thinking (a lot of thinking) and some investigating links they wanted me to check out, and I'm still letting things percolate. When I sit down to write, it will come quickly, I'm sure. I just don't want to be pushed right now.

My endo called this morning, I sent her a fax with my new labs earlier in the week. She told me to up my Levoxyl by another half tablet, so I did. Then I called Walgreen's mail order pharmacy to see about syncing up my 2 prescriptions, but it turns out I need a new paper prescription for the Levoxyl anyway, so I'll just deal with that when I see the endo on the 21st. Whee.

This evening, my physical therapist called to find out why I took myself off the schedule. It's amazing how much sympathy you can generate when you say you have 3 sick kids.

I am so worn out today... after the movie we came home for a while, but then went back out to Sam's Club. We didn't end up getting home until 5:30. DD was a brat. She wouldn't decide whether to ride in the cart or walk, so I stuck her in the cart. Then she complained about being in the cart, so I took her out. Then she tried to run away (literally, I had to run after her and grab her), so I stuck her back in the cart. Then she was really horrible until well after we got home. I don't know what gets into that girl sometimes, but I could've cheerfully decked her.

I butted heads with DS2 today, as well. I'm just tired of being treated like a servant or worse. You should hear the kid order me around: Mom, greasy hands! Mom, I've got boogers again! Mom, I'm done (in the bathroom)... and if I don't jump up that instant, he starts yelling at me. It's ridiculous and I'm really tired of it, every single time he speaks to me that way, I tell him it's not appropriate and remind him he can do it himself, show him how to do it himself, etc etc, but today he just wants to be babied. I'm about ready for a loooong vacation from that about now. Odds of getting one? Zero.

Gotta go make dinner. I am not happy camper. Can't figure out whether it's meds or illness or what, but I am not operating at peak, that's for sure.

The kids are all getting on each other's nerves already. Camp can not come soon enough!

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