Thursday, June 03, 2004



I had been feeling pretty up today, but now I'm just blech.

Got up early (for me) to the news that DS1 was sick again, no school again today. Tomorrow's the last day! I hope he's better. I grabbed a quick breakfast and went to physical therapy.

That was good physically but a little depressing otherwise, since I haven't been there in about a year and a half, and I've had a boatload of medical stuff in the meantime. The biggest reason my sciatica kicked up is that I stopped doing any kind of exercise, but I've been in and out of surgeries and procedures and what not ever since last summer. Blech.

PT was good... adjustments, heat, ultrasound, massage... my piriformis is like concrete, but it did help. I scheduled 3 sessions for next week in the mid-afternoon, praying I could find someone to stay with the kids...

Got home and made more calls, out to my boss to find out his schedule and whether or not I would need to fly out there; No, and I should have my assignments in the next few days, which is great. Called Princeton Review and had a great chat with the recruiting director there, going over the training and everything. Lots of calling around, yap yap yap, everything's all set to go, the schedule will be a little heavy for me but definitely do-able.

Phone rings... it's Princeton Review. They screwed up the dates of the training; the 2nd weekend is actually the weekend I'm leaving! ARG ARG ARG. This means I can't do the training until January!!! I am so annoyed. I'm also relieved, since it's one less thing to worry about before I leave. But I'm so disappointed, too, because I was looking forward to doing this!
arg arg arg arg arg arg

I'm trying to be good about sitting properly. My therapist showed me that how I typically curl up to work on the computer is just twisting everything out of alignment. She gave me a piriformis stretch and a shoulder stretch that I have tried to do every so often (3x so far today for each). My hip is quite sore but she told me it would be after the work she did, but she didn't want to ice it down because of my fibromyalgia and also because icing it reduces the blood flow there. She warned me I would be in for a rough day! She was right. I popped 3 ibuprofen and it hasn't done anything.

I put the keyboard and the mouse on the keyboard tray, and I can feel the difference in my shoulders already. It's so easy to just become mindless about how I move and sit and stand; I find myself standing with all my weight on my right foot, all the time. That's bad, more misalignment happening all the time. The pain in my hip makes me tense up my jaw, neck, and shoulders, leading to headaches. Everything is so (wretchedly, in my case) connected!

I've started figuring out the picture situation. I think I'm going to avoid putting any in the family room for now, or on any walls that are candidates for furniture moving. That's OK, though. I'd like to get them all off the floor! I think I will go work on that now, it should cheer me up considerably to actually get something done.

I am very sad about the delay with the Princeton Review. It is not a personal rejection but it seems to me that things often don't work out in my favor.

Stupid cold is still lingering. It's all in my head, although I do have a sore throat, too. I wonder if I can sneak a nap today? I just want to curl up and sleeeeeeep...

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