Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Today was one of those days where I never stopped moving.

Got up, showered, dressed, grabbed some portable breakfast. Took DD to school, then up to the mall, where I bought some pants for DH and a pair of shoes and a pair of boots for me -- both gorgeous, and very cheap. I love end-of-season clearance sales! :)

Then to the surgeon. Yeah, I need the gallbladder out. Scheduled the surgery for Monday -- yes, just 5 short days from now. It's better to get it over with, and also better to do it while Mom is still here (she's scheduled to go back home on the 1st.)

DH picked up DD because I ran late with the surgical consult, and when I called him he was actually buying some pants for himself, so I took the ones I got him back -- they were too big. :) Then home, some brief puttering around, and called my hairdresser to see when she could get me in and she had a 2:45 appointment so I dashed up there for it.

Popped into Michael's and bought some Fun Fur to make a really quick throw to wear on Friday to my fancy dinner out with DH and his business partner and his bf. Then the haircut, it looks awesome, I just love my hairdresser, then some errands at Trader Joe's ( milk, eggs, the usual)... then home, started knitting the throw and I'm loving it, realized I want to do something else so I need more yarn... Mom made dinner, yum, after dinner Mom & I went out to a different Michael's because the one by TJ's was totally out of the Fun Fur, it was on sale...

Came back home, read bedtime stories to the kids, and now I'm here. *whew*

I had fun shopping and getting my hair done today. I think it balanced the news about the surgery. It won't be so bad. I may even get to come home the same day if I don't need the injection painkillers. My only restriction after the surgery is no lifting over 20 lbs for 2 weeks, and no driving within 4 hours of taking the oral pain medications. So it sounds like it shouldn't be too bad, right? I spoke at some length about my LC diet with the surgeon and she said she didn't think it had caused the problem, and she saw no reason to change it afterwards. So that was good.

I think I probably just kept moving today because I didn't want to stop and think about all that, and I don't think that's such a bad thing. There really isn't much to think about, and I tend to obsess, so I'm just going to leave it alone and go do some knitting.

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