Monday, February 16, 2004

Morning report

So, I got to bed about 4:15 when all was said and done, and got up at about 9:15. Of course the first thing Mom says to me is, "What time did you get to bed last night?" I totally did not tell her, she'd kill me. I'm 40, if I want to stay up writing in my journal, I will. Plus, I know she's here and will give the kids breakfast and everything if I need to sleep a little later. Am I taking advantage of her? You bet. I don't feel guilty, either, because she enjoys the time with the kids and likes being useful. That is not a cop out on my part, an excuse for me to be selfish because I know someone else will take care of my kids. It's the reality of the situation and it's going to end soon, so damn straight I'm going to take advantage of it while I can.

Meanwhile, still no contractors. I wonder WTF is up with that but I'm not going to call and ask, they need to call me and tell me...

Off to get breakfast and start the day!

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