Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Lost day


Seriously, today went by in a fog. Considering I had major surgery yesterday, I don't think that's such a bad thing.

The good news is, I'm really not in much pain at all and I'm not taking those damn percocets at all. Those things messed me up so much after my hysterectomy. So this time I'm managing really well with Vioxx and extra strength tylenol. Yay!

The things that are bothering me the most: mouth, throat, and belly button. The other 3 incisions are practically non-existant and don't even itch (yet). The belly button one is just in a bad place and gets pulled all the time, and I had to put another bandage over it to handle the ooze. I have the feeling that it's going to take forever to heal.

My throat is sore from being intubated, that should subside soon. It is a problem because I can't talk very loud and of course have trouble on the phone and everyone is calling me to see how I am doing. It's really sweet but sometimes it's too much. I just get exhausted. I am only up now because I slept from about 7 to 11:30PM, earlier I slept from about 1:30 to 4:30, so I actually did OK with naps today. As it is, I will finish this entry and then have a snack and my last meds and go back to bed. I really am pretty useless.

My mouth is totally messed up, though. I have a problem with that surgical tape and I'm pretty sure there was tape on my lip. It's all swollen and sore now, and I've a couple of nasty bumps inside my mouth, too. Ow. I have tape marks all over me. I never really thought about whether or not I have a problem with it, but I guess I do. I know it's going to take forever for those marks to heal, so when I go to my surgeon for the followup on the 8th I'll ask her if I do have an allergy, or what, or if this is normal? I don't know, but if I ever need something like this again, I'd like to avoid this. I don't remember feeling this way when I had my hysterectomy, but I was pretty out of it for a few days back then, too. I was taking those percocets for like 5 days.

Last night I had the damnedest time not sleeping. When I went to bed at around midnight I was in a lot of pain so I caved in took 2 percocets. Then I just seemed to float all night long. I had slept so much of the day, it didn't surprise me all that much. I felt rested, but I definitely didn't sleep. My brain just kept generating all these new ideas for doing stuff in the house, my websites, essays I want to write... it was a seemingly endless stream of creativity, which was cool but I really wanted to sleep! I finally "woke up" around 7AM but then dozed off and on until around 8, when I came down -- fortunately I have been able to sleep, really sleep, today. No more percocets for me! I did make a bunch of notes this morning about all of my ideas, we'll see how many of them come to fruition. It was at least a month's worth of work!

I did start today on the Make It Low Carb website redesign. It will take a while to get everything in place but I think it will be cool. I also bought the domain last night and will set up a site for my freelancing... eventually.

I just feel blech (no suprise). I am all puffed up from being on the IV fluids. I made the mistake of stepping on the scale today and I am 8 lbs heavier than when I went into the hospital. I look like I'm about 4 or 5 months pregnant. It's uncomfortable... I still have a lot of air in there,and every so often a pocket will drift up to my shoulders or chest and it is just kills until it dissipates... that's not a pain you can medicate. I wonder how much longer that will go on? I just want to be myself again.

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