Thursday, February 26, 2004


Sometimes I feel like I should be overwhelmed, like there is too much going on around me, but today I'm feeling like I'm on a little isle of calm with all this stuff swirling around. Maybe it's because I actually was able to rest for a couple of hours today? Don't know...

My friend M came down for a visit today, and we sat and yapped and worked on our needlecrafts and looked at pictures and it was just really nice to have a friend visit.

The carpet guys came and there was a bit of weirdness there, because there was enough carpet but not enough pad. The main guy says, "Will you go to Home Depot and get the pad?" My reaction was less than whelmed, I'll tell you. There was no way I was driving today; technically I'm not supposed to drive until Saturday (5 days). M just gave it to him: "Why don't you go?" Then it turned out he had no $, so I gave him the money and he went and they got the work done today. He was all set to leave because they didn't have the materials, "We'll have to come back tomorrow." No, I don't think so, you need to do this now, this project was supposed to take 10 day and it has now been 6 weeks. So the work is done but they left carpet fibers and bits of pad everywhere up there, but of course I can't vaccuum. And the glue smell was horrible, I hope it has dissipated by now.

When my contractor gets here tomorrow, I'll give him the receipt for the carpet pad and have him knock it off my outstanding balance!

I did finally get in to see the PA today (5:30pm appointment, saw her at 6:45! yikes) and she looked at my leg and said yeah, it's infected, but it can't be drained, so an antibiotic is the way to go, and just keep an eye on it. Since there is a cyst there and it's in a place that's likely to get irritated, they may recommend me to a surgeon to have the thing removed... wheee! I'm just not going there. These little skin removal surgeries seem trivial but they are very annoying. I've had 5 already (3 substantial biopsies, 2 further excisions) and they just nag and nag until they are healed.

I was bad because I walked about a mile and a half towards home when my dr's appointment ended. DH had dropped me off and gone to get dinner for the kids and a prescription for me and it ended up taking him longer than I thought it would, and I didn't feel like waiting around, so I started walking home. DH wanted me to wait at Applebee's but I wasn't hungry or thirsty and just didn't feel like sitting at a smoky bar waiting for him to get me... so I just walked. Slowly. The weather was perfect, cool and with a slight breeze... every so often my belly button bruise would twinge, but other than that I was fine (although I did get tired). DH was miffed at me that I didn't wait for him -- I just shouldn't be walking like that so much so soon after the surgery -- but no harm, no foul, right? We'll see. I must be OK because Mom commented to me at least three times this evening that I don't seem as tired today. Hee!

I had a horrible time with acid stomach yesterday so today I took a Prilosec and have stayed almost completely away from wheat -- I did have some of my chocolate pb zuchini bread, but there's only 3 T of flour in the whole thing. I suppose if I really have celiac that even that much flour is too much, in which case I will make it with something else! HA! But I do feel better. I definitely have to eat light until my body gets used to not having a gallbladder anymore.

I worked on a new column today, with the theme of "making success possible". I think it's too much for one column. There's a lot of content that I don't really have room for there, so I'm probably going to have to take it out and do something else with it (meaning, it will probably end up here). But I think the column is going to be great.

I should go and work on the MILC site but I don't feel like it. I got some great suggestions for things to improve it already, that shouldn't take too long... OK, biting the bullet & going to work now...

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