Monday, February 23, 2004



I had a to-do list for today, stuff I wanted to get done before going for the surgery tomorrow. Amazingly, I managed to do just about everything, I think:

- re-stocked both fridge and pantry as I most likely won't be able to shop this week, and I hate running out of stuff.

- cooked 3 racks of ribs (mmmm) for consumption later in the week. Most is going in the freezer, though, for after my Mom leaves when when no one will want to cook but we'll still want something decent to eat.

- finished knitting the throw. Now I just have to work in the ends. It's awesome, even if I do say so myself. It does stretch in funny angles... it's not in the least bit rectangular, even though technically it should be, as it was just a straight garter-stitch knit even on 70 (or was it 80?) st. But using 11 needles (they are huge), it has a very lacey effect, and it has a lot of give to it. It's lovely, though. I'll get off my butt and post some photos, I think... this outfit deserves to be preserved in memory, even if I never get to wear it.

- cleaned the downstairs bathroom, and dusted. The most cursory job ever, but hey, it's better than nothing, right?

- baked mmmmmmm so I will have stuff I actually want to eat, and can eat, after the surgery. I haven't had much appetite lately and it is so important to eat. I made chocolate peanut butter zucchini bread, and cranberry-orange-coconut bread (LC, of course) after dinner. It worked out well as everything was done baking and the dishes all cleaned up by 9:30 or so.

- took my shower tonight so I won't have wet hair in the morning. I got a nasty chill in October when I went for my surgery then. Tomorrow I want to be all toasty warm.

- got to watch the 2 Sex & The City "farewell" shows, and the series finale. I found it very satisfying. There were some typical S&TC idiocies, but I really liked that Carrie finally stood up for herself and took back her own life. Her final voice-over, about loving yourself, and "if you can find someone that loves that "you", it's fabulous," was a perfect ending. Also, the fact that she was in some nightmare get-up while she was saying it!

- sent off my last bit of work to my boss so he can see I wasn't a total slacker last week, even though I spent more time knitting than working. But he was on vacation, too, so I'm not worried.

This morning as I was getting dressed I gave my torso a once-over for suspicious moles (life's one big party when you been diagnosed with melanoma) and I noticed that my breasts were actually looking... firm. WTF? I passed the pencil test. Never thought I'd ever be able to say that again. I think it must be a testimony to the skin firming lotion. My weight and breast size have been stable since shortly after I weaned DS2, that's a little over 2 years ago now. I haven't been working out or doing anything different recently. I have been using that lotion regularly for quite a while now. I don't think I'll ever be "perky" again, but it is nice to not look so deflated.

Mom got me a really nice "get well soon" card. It's very hard for her, me going through all this health stuff. I know she is very happy to be here and to help, but I can sense her frustration with not being able to just make things better for me. She is very different from me, in so many ways, but I can feel how much she loves me every day. She gets a little frustrated with some of my choices (staying up late, for one), but she also lets me live my own life, which has got to be hard on her. It's such a good thing for all of us that she can winter here.

And... I will be taking all 3 kids to her place on the Cape this summer! I am escaping the AZ heat, we're leaving the end of June and won't be back for over a month. I will probably die of computer withdrawal. The first 2 and a half weeks, I'll have the kids all to myself (eek!), then DH will join us for the last 2 weeks and we'll all fly home together. This should be interesting. There are so many things I want to do, it will be nice to have the time to do them!

A friend in another forum was asking for honeymoon recommendations, and asked about Cape Cod, so I had to go and look up this amazing b&b where I once spent a weekend. It was idyllic, perfect honeymoon material. Now I'm seriously thinking about asking DH if he & I can go for a few days during our trip this year. It may have to wait until next year in honor of our 10th anniversary, but I'm definitely not forgetting about this place. It was so dreamy... I know he would love it. Especially if we could leave the kids with family and not worry about them and just relax and have fun, the 2 of us. (This is definitely a recurring theme here!)

OK, surgery is scheduled for less than 9 hours from now, so I'm going to bed. I expect I'll be sleeping most of tomorrow anyway. Did I mention I didn't get up this morning until 10:45? It's hard to go to bed when you've only been up 14 hours. My schedule is so screwed up right now, I'm actually looking forward to this surgery and enforced rest resetting my body clock.

Don't know when I'll be back again... but if I can sit up and wiggle my fingers, I'll probably be posting something!

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