Tuesday, February 17, 2004


(that sound? My head hitting the desk as I pass out.)

So, I was all set to go to bed at a reasonable hour, when...

Yes! It's another sleep-sabotage story. I just love these, don't you?

Well, back to the story -- I'm just about to shut down the computer when the little "you've got mail" tone sounds (no, I don't have AOL, and even if I did, the very first thing I would do is turn off that "You've got mail!" announcement) -- it's just OE, and it chimes in a more or less pleasant way, so of course I bounce over to see what it is, expecting spam. I get tons and tons of spam, which I will deal with someday, but not today.

The email -- not spam, not even close. It's a reminder that I volunteered to bring breakfast to DD's preschool tomorrow, for teacher appreciation week. Lemon Yogurt muffins, to be exact. Various swear words parade through my head, none seem exactly appropriate. This was at like 11:30PM. Nothing like baking when you want to be sleeping, but I know if I leave it till the morning, I'll be totally screwed, so I don't.

Now I've got 2 dozen muffins on the counter cooling but it's practically 1AM and I'm still up, and worse, I'm writing again. Lord, help me.

First: these muffins are incredible, but I actually feel guilty because I didn't make them low carb, I didn't even tweak them the tiniest bit to try and make them less carb-o-rific, that is, horrific -- no, I did the old white flour, white sugar, honey route... guilt guilt guilt. They'll taste great, though. I debated for a minute making them LC but no one's expecting that, and I don't know how well they would be received, although every one who has ever had them, either LC or regular, has loved them. Damn, I hate this crap! I can't wait till everyone converts to our WOE... subversive thought, that, isn't it? Hee.

DH and I watched Diane Sawyer's show (Frontline? Prime Time live? something like that, I'm clueless) with Mel Gibson about his new movie, The Passion of the Christ, and it was fascinating. Being Catholic, I am continually impressed with Gibson's commitment to his faith, and his passion in making this film. It does look gory, but I'm very interested to see it. I think it will be amazing because it is going to open up a dialog about religion that has never been seen before in this country... at least I hope so. There's the potential for a lot of good to come from this.

There has been some criticism of Mel and the movie as being anti-Semitic, but there's no basis for that in anything, and I hope the interview dispells any of those lingering notions. There's always the possibility of some nut-job coming away with the idea that the Jews are evil because the Sanhedrin gave Jesus up to the Romans, but that is not the message of the film.

There was a bit in Sawyer's show with a priest who complained that the film lacked context, that it didn't go into enough detail about why Jesus was persecuted, and about how he was upsetting the status quo. Gibson concedes that the priest has a point, but he also said, "That's not the film I made." (paraphrase) He focused on the last 12 hours as the most compelling part of the story, that's the movie he wanted to make. He was great, though, saying something like, "I know the rest of the story. If other people don't, maybe they'll pick up the Book and read it." Hee. Also, Word. (As they say on TWoP).

I'm sure some of the press will go to town on Gibson's interview, picking and choosing their quotes to slant the story a particular way, but I was really pleased with how he set the record straight on some common misconceptions about Catholicism.

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