Sunday, October 23, 2005

a productive day

Today, I:

- slept a lot more than I slept in Houston
- got the network working on this PC again, thanks to two different online chat sessions with the LinkSys support folks and a quick call to my ISP support line
- got caught up on last week's Rome and got all psyched to watch this week's only to find out there was no new episode this week
- watched last week's "Lost" instead
- did my physical therapy exercises twice, as directed

Feel like I've been hit by a truck and nearly decapitated in the process. The weirdest is the sort of painful numbness of my right ear and jawline, a result of nerve trauma. Sometimes it itches but scratching it does no good. Having nerves misfire is a very uncomfortable feeling. I'm hoping when the swelling goes down in my neck it will subside. It's not keeping me from doing anything I want to do, it just feels weird.

And now, for the fourth time today, it's off to bed.

1 comment:

Mamasita said...

I'm very glad you returned home safely. I had the nerve misfiring thing with my left breast after the cancer surgery. Sometimes it would "zing" me and it would take my breath away. I hope your recovery is quick and that you have good luck with the sleep. Sleep is so important at this time.