Saturday, October 15, 2005


I have all sorts of stuff to talk about, but now is really not the time to do it.

I managed to get just about everything done today, leaving tomorrow a lot less hassled, I hope. The day was fraught with stressful situations, including being very late picking up the kids from school because of 1) bad planning on my part and 2) bad traffic in Phoenix.

However, I have all my records, and we made it to the airport at exactly the right time, just a few minutes before my Mom came out of the secure area. We had pizza for dinner (I could eat pizza every day, lately -- I don't know why I'm craving it so!) which was just fine with me.

The house is clean, and DH and I did the grocery shopping after dinner. Now all I need to do is laundry, packing, and paperwork -- oh, how I detest filling out medical questionaires!

All in all I spent about 4 consecutive hours on the road, with breaks no more than 15 minutes (and usually much less) at each of 5 stops. Over 100 miles on the van, and totally loving the new tires. We have some awesome freeways out here.

Everything hurts -- crawling off to bed now...

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