Thursday, October 13, 2005

packed schedule

Things will be very busy over the next few days.

Tomorrow, I have to run up to Phoenix and pick up records at two hospitals and my endo's office. The fact I requested my records about 3 weeks ago is irrelevant. Not one of these places makes it easy to get a copy of your own information. It's very annoying. At least I called today to make sure I can actually pick it up tomorrow. I'm not sure how useful it will be in Houston, but I want to bring all that information with me. Of all the requests I sent out, only Banner Good Samaritan came through in a timely manner. Unfortunately I didn't realize I needed to request my scans separately from the film library; this fact is not documented anywhere. In fact, there's a checkbox for "films" on the form I filled out; I didn't check it because I figured that films would be included in the "all" box I did check. Wrong!

Tomorrow's also housecleaning day, but that only takes about an hour or so, no big deal. I do have to straighten up the guest room for Mom, though, so that will add another half-hour...

Speaking of Mom, I'm on tap to pick her up at the airport just before 5PM. So I think I will take the kids for a quick snack after school before we all head up to the airport. DS2 and I will be spending an awful lot of time in the car tomorrow!

Saturday, I'm hoping for a date, actually -- Mom is super about that sort of thing, and it would be really nice to go out with DH before heading off to Houston.

Sunday, travel day -- whee!

Monday: register at 6:30AM, then see the surgeon, then see the endo, then have labs done, and that will be the entire morning, I'm sure. I also have a CAT scan scheduled for the afternoon.

Tuesday: ultrasound scheduled for mid-morning... and who knows what, after that?


Papercollector said...

my dear jo,
just something to give your thoughts a detour for a moment... i was reading a blog this morning and read about a man who was trying to catch a squirrel... and well i couldnt resist to tell him about "I have a squirrell in my room." I remember that morning like yesterday. What more magic is ahead of you? hummm God speed, love you j

Mamasita said...

You sound on top of things, but I think about you a great deal. For some reason I keep seeing myself in your shoes...the doctor appointments the labs, preparing to leave, running around with your children beforehand, etc. May all things run smoothly and may all your tests come back a big, fat NEGATIVE. I'm very much hoping that you can get back home, relax and get on with your life as you'd like it to be. {{{{Joan}}}}

Hey, I want an update from that hotel internet 'puter. Keep us posted! :D