Monday, June 20, 2005

wish, fulfilled

My children are, like a lot of kids, finicky eaters.

You can imagine that this could be a source of near-constant frustration to someone like me, who loves to cook and bake and do all sorts of food preparation. I really enjoy putting a nice meal on the table.

I just wish that someday, everyone in the family would eat it, without complaints or questions or anything other than cheerful acceptance.

Yesterday, at our Father's Day dinner, that wish was, for once, granted.

Shrimp? Yum! The boys dug right in (!), and even DD finally relented to try one late in the meal, and then she had another, right away! Astonishing.

Spinach salad? DS1's absolute favorite. I did give the 2 peewees romaine salad, since they detest spinach, but they both ate their salads right up! For DH and me, I made my trademark salad of baby spinach with blue cheese crumbles, diced avocado, and crumbled pecans. Luscious.

Broiled steak? No doubt about that being popular -- as picky as they are, my kids are all carnivores.

Finally, we came to the cheesecake. You could've just knocked me over with a feather when all three kids declared they wanted some, and then they actually ate it! Astonishing.

I'm recording this event because only the Lord knows when, or if, it will ever happen again. I'm grateful that it happened this once, and on the occasion of Father's Day, too. It was really a lovely meal.

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nina said...

Over time they come around. Amazing and true. The trouble is that they then develop "favorites" and so your will to experiment goes down. Who wants to test something new when you have a guaranteed positve response to an old standby...