Monday, June 13, 2005


I first learned about Alicia's Story over on the Yahoo Thyca support group, when the first installment of the serial was published. I waited to post the link until the whole series had run, because I wanted to see it through before sending anyone over there myself.

Alicia's cancer situation could not be more different from my own, but even so, I felt that she really nailed many of the feelings I have experienced. I can't read a single "chapter" of her story without tearing up at least twice, but this isn't a saccharine story by any means. Like most cancer patients, Alicia pretty soon adopts a "do what you gotta do" mentality. It's what gets us through.

I highly recommend Alicia's Story to anyone who wonders what it must be like to have cancer, or to anyone struggling to come to grips with a part of his life he's not happy with. Alicia is working with the benefits of both space constraints and an editor, so you're not forced to wade through pages and pages of dreck to get to the heart of the story. Her style is direct and clear, and heart-breaking, and hopeful. Go. Read.

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