Saturday, June 18, 2005

treading water

It's a lot harder than it looks.

DS1 has mastered it, DD's almost there, but DS2 won't even attempt it.

We spent the afternoon at a friend's house, with all the kids playing in the pool. I was astonished that DS2 actually wanted to swim, for the first time ever. From the steps to me, from me back to the steps, with a pretty decent freestyle. But he needs to learn how to come up for air! He'll get it, eventually.

We made cookies this morning and brought some with us, and they were all devoured. Fortunately we left some home, for us, for the weekend.

It was a good day. My taste buds seem to be reviving, and my stomach wasn't nearly as messed up as it has been, so that made the day a lot easier for me. RA still flaring away, but being in the pool helped that, too. I feel like I'm finally on an upward trajectory, health-wise. I hope it lasts!

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