Friday, June 03, 2005

radiation vacation, round 2

The scan was negative.



14 hours later, and I still can not believe it. That was so cool.

So, the scan stuff was done at like 9:45AM, but we needed my bloodwork from yesterday to figure out if there was anything at all to be done, and that was supposed to come over at 10:30, 11 -- but didn't come over until 12:30 or so.

Damn... Tg, which had been dropping steadily when my TSH was suppressed, and had last been measured at 1.9 or something like that, quadrupled under the Thyrogen stimulation to 8.8.


The NucMed doctor, Dr. S, conferred with Dr. R at my endo's office, finally getting someone to speak with him at 2:30 after putting in for a treatment consultation call before 1. It was imperative the decision to treat be made asap, as the clock was ticking on my Thyrogen's viability. Dr. M never did call us, so Dr. R covered for her. (I'm thinking Dr. M better call me on Monday to check in with me or I will be a bit ticked.)

Dr. S's treatment plan: 100 mCi RAI, immediately.

So find myself being hit with the RAI hammer after all... it figures. But I am more than OK with it. I saw the scans and saw that there was NO uptake anywhere there had been uptake before. It was amazing. It was the best news: RAI works on my cancer. I am thrilled.

However, that Tg number means that there are clusters of cells around still producing Tg, even though they were too small to show up on the scan. We need to clean them out. This dosage of RAI should do that. There is a very good chance that I won't ever need treatment for this disease again.

Summer's official start is Monday, June 6, at 4:15PM, and three weeks from tomorrow, we're heading East!

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