Wednesday, June 15, 2005


First Day Home

Drying off after her flea bath. (That's me.)

Meeting (some of) the family...
I still can't believe she was ever that tiny.

Uncle P

Aunt L

Attack! Attack!

Kitten action shots are the best... I have no idea what she was attempting with this move, other than a basic "Get it!" but it still looks hysterical to me.

Rosie was adopted from the Boston Humane Society's shelter. We love lobster and were lucky that in Boston it's fairly easy to come by. With a kitten, live lobster means not just a great dinner, but the evening's entertainment as well.

What is this thing?

Am I supposed to eat this or play with it? It's rather cold and icky, if you ask me!

Now that you mention it, this stuff smells pretty good. Can I have some?

Get it off! This is so undignified!

Mom, how many times are you going to wave that same stupid claw in front of me? Give me that thing!
(Until I found this photo, I had completely forgotten that I had ever had (ick) bangs.)

The Lookout

When are you coming home? I'm waiting for you!


I know you're packing... where are you going? Do you think I don't know overnight bags when I see them? When are you coming back? Can I go with you? Please?


Her favorite sport: chase the tape measure. She was bored by laser pointers, but a tape measure? Oh, yeah. Them's good huntin'.

Rest in peace, little love.

July ?, 1993 - June 14, 2005


Sheik Yerbootie said...

It's always tough when out pets cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Sorry about your loss.

ChaiTime said...

Those are adorable pictures. I knew from a previous blog entry that you had consulted with a vet about her, but I didn't know that you had actually had her put to sleep. It's so sad, but you did all you could and your family has been struggling with her health issues for quite a while. She was an adorable kitty. {{{{Joan}}}}}