Saturday, June 04, 2005


One of the things about isolation is that you have time to do things that you normally wouldn't, like watch the entire Pride & Prejudice mini-series made by the BBC.

One of my favorite scenes is when Elizabeth is convincing her father that she really does love D'Arcy. She says something like, "Truly, he is the best man I know."

Now, best is one of those words that has a lot of interpretations, but you know that Elizabeth is thinking of "best" as in, "most good." D'Arcy has shown himself to be kind, loving, and generous. He really is a good man.

The reason I love that scene is because that is exactly how I feel about my husband: he is the best man I know.

And I just realized that this will be excellent advice to give my daughter some day, in the far, far distant future, when she herself is considering marriage some day. I hope she finds a man that she can honestly say that about. If she does, her marriage will be a good one.


Prom said...

That is sort of like saying that Mother Theresa would make a wonderful wife.

Best as in most admirable wouldn't even come close to the wonderful mixture of strengths and weakness and chemistry that goes into a happy union imo.

I don't need to hero worship my mate to love him, to fit with him.

Joan said...

Mother Theresa was a wonderful wife. She was a bride of Christ.

I said nothing about hero worship. Recognizing goodness in a person does not automatically translate into putting him on a pedestal.