Sunday, May 15, 2005

weekend off

Any weekend that involves ice cream sundaes both days is, by definition, a good weekend.

We had stuff to do, but none of it stress-inducing. I finally bought some sandals that I hope will last me more than one season; I may post on them later. It would be a good workout for my reclaimed camera, which seems to be working just fine.

I have a column due, but once again I'm tripping over recipes deciding which one to use. What a pain.

I wrote something Friday and Blogger ate it, even the "recover post" feature couldn't recover it. Now I couldn't reproduce it even if I wanted to. Last week was mostly spent reeling under the weight of the uncertainty of my upcoming tests and likely treatment. I'm more or less used to it now, but I am eating anything I want because I know the LID is right around the corner -- "Could start tomorrow!" I thought, snarfing down that chocolate-raspberry sundae just now.

Now just about everyone knows about my predicament. Summer plans? I had some, but who knows what will become of them. We'll work out something, one way or another. Everyone has been very kind and many offers of to come swim have been made. That could be really nice. We shall see.

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