Friday, May 20, 2005

only once

I like Ann Althouse's new "meme" so much that I couldn't help but come up with 10 things of my own -- each is something that I have done only once in my life, so far. They are in no particular order, either chronological or significance:

1. Bought a used car.

2. Converted to Judaism.

3. Had a date with a guy who hadn't yet figured out he was gay.

4. Been to DisneyLand.

5. Had my passport renewed.

6. Jumped out of a moving car.

7. Took a drag from a cigarette.

8a) Been offered cocaine.
8b) Refused cocaine.

9. Fell asleep at a rock concert.

10. Had an epidural.


Sheik Yerbootie said...

Done once in your life huh?

Hmmmm - in no particular order:

1 - Divorce.
2 - Annulement (subsequent).
3 - Drove a car at 190 mph around Talledega Speedway.
4 - Flew a fixed wing glider.
5 - Base jumped a TV tower.
6 - Caught a 1,000 lb Blue Marlin (tagged and released).
7 - Dove on a tug boat wreck in Rhode Island Sound.
8 - Built a wall of uncemented bricks 6 foot high and 10 foot wide, then drove a Dodge Dart through it on purpose.
9 - "Raced" in a demolition derby with a 1985 Olds sedan.
10 - Saved a 5 year old boy who stopped breathing during a diabetic crisis.
11 - Delivered a baby enroute to a hospital.

Dreaming again said...

re: your #3 ... I did that too. Only, I married him. He figured it out 4 months later. OUCH. At least, he was honest and told me then and didn't wait 20 years and 3 children later like that one politician did. Still, was hard ...back in 1985, it was unheard of.