Thursday, May 12, 2005


Mainly by trying not to think about... things. You know.

I talked to a couple of people today, who hadn't heard about the whole scheduling snafu and potential ruined summer scenario. Both said exactly the same thing, "That would drive me crazy."

Well, yeah.

Last night we went out for dinner when it turned out the chicken in the fridge was inedible. (I should've paid more attention to that "sell by" date.) Then we went and hung out at Barnes and Noble for a while, and it was a nice decompression.

I got my hair cut today, and that was another nice decompression, except that they ran late and so I was late picking up DS1 from school. I was sure he would be very upset. For once, though, he didn't notice or care, so I stressed myself out over nothing.

The rest of today was odd in that suspended way that happens from time to time -- you know something's going to happen, but not when, and not exactly what, so events of the day take on a weird importance, or meaninglessness, depending. For example: dusting becomes meaningless, whereas having an afternoon snack with the kids becomes very important.

Homework, dinner, dishes, laundry -- all got done, somehow or other. Not much else, though. It's enough.


ChaiTime said...

I know this "suspended" feeling quite well. Also the disappointment of much desired plans getting shoved to the side due to health issues. I'm sending you a cyber hug. {{{{QuietI}}}}

Sheik Yerbootie said...

Hell, I've been suspended for years. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It's a way of life.