Thursday, May 26, 2005


I'm in a fine mood now -- the kind of fine mood Maureen O'Hara was in with John Wayne for the majority of The Quiet Man -- but it doesn't surprise me at all.

I am upset about the scan. More precisely, I'm upset about needing the scan. In other words, I'm pissed that I have cancer.

Yes, again, or rather, still. Apparently I'm still not used to the idea.

Also, scared about how bad it will be, nervous about treatments and side effects, and wondering if I'm going to have to argue with my doctors before I'm satisfied with the treatment plan they present. Nothing like anticipating stress to lighten the mood, huh?

Time for chocolate!


Sheik Yerbootie said...

I think you just like to argue with Doctors.

Joan said...

Some people think I just like to argue...