Monday, May 30, 2005

hurtling towards the abyss

Time has had a strange elasticity lately, some hours stretching inordinately, other days passing by in a blink.

Today was such a day, not helped by my sleeping in until 11. Yeah, I was running on several days of short sleep, but I had a 2-hour nap yesterday and got to bed at a not unreasonable time. I was surprised when I finally drifted up to the surface and saw what time it was.

Of course I was starving by the time I made it downstairs, but had to wait an hour for the meds to be absorbed. Ah, the perils of over-sleeping.

This week is so over-scheduled it's not even funny. Tuesday: Thyrogen, doctor's appointment, swimming lessons, Thyca meeting(?). Wednesday: Thyrogen, swimming lessons, DD's kindergarden graduation. Thursday: scan dose, DD's last day of school, swimming lessons. Friday: scan, DS1's last day of school, swimming lessons... RAI treatment?

Every time I think about the scan on Friday, the bottom falls out of my stomach. I honestly do not want to know. I wish that my not-knowing could push whatever is into the realm of is not. I know that it can't, so I will follow this path until I know, and then -- well, we'll see, right?

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