Tuesday, May 31, 2005

100 miles, 6 stops, 3 sticks, one sore arm

Today: got up, took a shower, didn't have time to do my hair so I just let it dry. (It now resembles a tumbleweed.)

Took DS2 with me up to Phoenix, which was great because I could use the HOV lane and did not get stuck in traffic. At the endo's office, I got stuck 3 times: twice for the blood draw, and once with the Thyrogen shot. DS2 was great during the whole thing. I told him what was going to happen, and he said, "Oh! I'll just wait out here, then," and he sat on the floor in the hallway, just by the door. He could hear my voice but he didn't have to see anything. The doctor's office has some cool photos up that he spent his time looking at. It was only a few minutes, after all. The shot didn't hurt at the time, but man, does it hurt now. "Your arm may be sore," the tech said kindly. I just brushed it off, how bad could it be? Well, bad enough that there's about a 3 or 4 inch area around the injection site that's significantly hotter than the rest of my arm. The whole left arm, shoulder, and left side of my neck are very achey. Fortunately that didn't kick in until later. I should go look up whether ibuprofen would be OK for this pain. I can't think why it wouldn't be, but I won't take anything without checking it out first.

Got home and found I had inadvertently ignited yet another fire storm over on the forum; more about that in a different post. It's one thing to provoke an argument and then sit back and enjoy the fireworks -- and this not something I ever do on purpose, but sometimes it is funny to see how people react. But last night's post wasn't meant to be incendiary in the least, and yet somehow it turned out to be. So that sucked, and I flopped around trying to deal with that until it was time to go get DD.

Went and picked up DD at school, and then traipsed all of us to Trader Joe's because we had no bread or milk. Stopped at BK on the way home for the kiddos, but I had leftover beef stew, finished it off (sigh).

Came home, flopped around the forum hooha some more until it was time to go to the g/e doctor. Got there on time (1:30), but we didn't get called back until after 2PM, and then we had an inordinate wait in the room before the doctor came in. Then I had to go through my thyroid cancer history with him, and he actually had some suggestions for my rapid transit problem and wants to see me again in a month.

We left the doctor's and hit the road to pick up DS1, and got there just as the kids were being released. I had called and warned them I might be late so DS1 wouldn't worry, but I was glad I wasn't. I hate it when I'm late, even if they're expecting it.

Came home, tried to feed the kids a snack, but they were too excited (DD) or terrified (DS2) about their swimming lessons to want to eat much -- not to mention recovering from that stomach virus. Looked up the directions to the new swimming facility. Got everyone into their suits, and towels and goggles lined up, and got to the new swim place which was a bit crazy -- today was their first day in the new facility! All 3 kids did very well in their lessons, even though DS2 cried a lot. He cries, but he still does everything the teacher asks him to, it's pretty funny. On the way home he said, "I like that pool." We were all laughing, because of how cranky he was while he was in it! Oh, well. I think (hope) tomorrow will go more easily.

We got home a little before 6 but we weren't exactly in a hurry. Tomorrow we'll have to hustle because DD has to get to her kindergarden graduation ceremony as close to 5:30 as possible. At least tomorrow I won't have to buy DD a bathing cap, as I did today -- I knew I would have to, but I foolishly didn't think about it until it was time for her lesson. She's all set now. It was great to see how happy they all were.

Happy, and now exhausted. They were all drooping over their plates at dinner. We'll have to get them to bed asap!

Tomorrow I'm hoping they'll inject the other arm, unless the left one feels a lot better I don't want them sticking it again. As always, I'll just have to wait and see how it goes.

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