Thursday, August 23, 2007

handy with a wrench

After very little sleep last night, I spent the day, until about 1:00PM, wandering around in my pajamas, eating various things directly out of the packaging, and bouncing around online. In other words, wallowing.

At about 1:00PM, I got so sick of myself that I put on some gym clothes and cleared out about 85% of the living room/dining room. DH had said something about putting stuff out in the garage, but it's 120 degrees out there on a cool day, and that's no environment for a Mission curio cabinet, or any of our other wood furniture.

My favorite piece of furniture; contents currently a jumble of trophies, dolls, and little crystal and glass sculptures... hardly anything in there is actually mine.

Recalling my plan (mentioned yesterday), I moved it. The CD rack, and all its contents, went upstairs into the playroom, one of the few rooms that won't be disturbed in the coming weeks. The curio cabinet is now nestled where the humongous CD rack used to be, and we're thinking that will become its permanent home. (Who needs access to all those CDs when they're all loaded up on the iPod already?) The coffee table, piano bench, side tables, and dining chairs all went upstairs in the playroom, also. All the books and photo albums are up there now, too.

The dining table itself was a pip to disassemble: took out the leaf, made sure the top was securely fastened, and flipped it over; taking off the legs took about 2 minutes. Getting the top into the closet was a bit of a hassle, but there was no way that was going upstairs -- it was the heaviest thing I wrestled with all day.

Now the only real work to be done in there is emptying the china cabinet and moving it into the kitchen; with DH to help (that's one job I will not tackle alone), it'll be a snap. I may get started on some family room tasks tomorrow, but there's no point in disrupting our entire lives so early. We'll finish up over the weekend.

The couch stays until the installers say it needs to go... everything else? Fair game.

Two hours, solid, of hauling things up stairs and running back down -- quite a workout, and it didn't wreck me. Now that's a miracle, but one I'll attribute to my recent cultivation of a consistent exercise habit.

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