Monday, June 04, 2007


I've been up for two hours, and what have I done? Made breakfast for the kids, made lunches for the kids to take to school, read a number of blogs, posted comments on a few, made a few phone calls. Not much to show, and I haven't even eaten breakfast yet.

Meanwhile, my in-laws arrive on Thursday and the house is an absolute disaster. Partly because the guest room had become the "junk room" after my Mom left last winter, and I had been accumulating stuff to go to charity in there, all of which needs to be inventoried, packed up, and delivered to the donation center.

But more than that, there's furniture and bedding where it doesn't belong, also. Looking over the guest room Saturday morning, DH and I once again discussed how the over-sized furniture in there made it difficult to move around, and for the Nth time talked about getting some smaller, sleeker furniture which could be arranged to leave more floor space. We had a big cherry sleigh bed in there:
Along with two matching night stands that were more the size of end tables, and a humongous 6-drawer double-length dresser. All of this furniture is beautiful, but approached dysfunctional in the smallish guest room.

So yesterday we hauled the entire family off to Ikea and replaced the gorgeous solid wood cherry-stained furniture with way cheaper stuff, and DH spent most of the rest of the day putting it together. (I helped, but it was mostly him, so I'm not going to take any credit). We got this bed, these nightstands, and this dresser, which will fit in the walk-in closet. The double dresser was too big, and has been moved into an upstairs closet for now, which resulted in another large pile of stuff that needs to be sorted through and mostly disposed of, one way or another.

Furniture assembly is not yet complete, and that's another thing I could be working on, but really, I have to get rid of the stuff that's just haphazardly piled up all over the place. It's just too much! Maybe if I have some breakfast, it won't seem so bad...

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