Sunday, June 10, 2007


DS2 came down with a stomach virus a few days ago, but bounced back quickly the next day. I was hit by the same horror yesterday, and after a day in bed doing my best not to puke, I'm better, but still pretty far along on the Ick scale. At least I don't feel like puking anymore.

I missed the Red Sox-Diamondbacks game yesterday, and I'm not fit to do anything today, either. I'm just hoping that I'll get better quickly, because Friday we're flying out.

When DS2 was sick he perfectly described the fear that always accompanies that kind of misery: I'm never going to get better! I don't know why he would say that -- yeah, he has had a couple of longer-running illnesses, but nothing you could categorize as chronic -- but I sympathized. I mean, I have conditions that won't ever get better, and right now I'm praying that what I'm going through really is temporary, and not some new manifestation of the interesting ways in which a body can break down without actually killing you.

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