Saturday, June 02, 2007

a delightful day

The ultrasound was negative -- they didn't see anything unusual at all. I learned this news about 10AM, when the PA from my doctor's office called me. She was happy about the ultrasound, but with my history, she wanted to follow up with a CAT scan. I was able to talk her out of it very quickly, though -- I noted I can't have anything done with contrast, because I have a whole body scan scheduled for August, and the iodine would not have cleared my system by then. She seemed pleased that the WBS was already scheduled, and was satisfied to leave it at that. So, another expensive medical test was averted, at least for today.

In other news, my TSH is still too high (0.188) and my Tg is 0.6. I shall work on my endo to give my Levoxyl another uptick, and proceed with my life as planned. (whew!)

I spent the day engaged mostly in laundry and reading, for the first time, the delightful Pride and Prejudice. Having seen the mini-series and the newest movie countless times, I was very curious to see how much of the book each version had excised, and whether or not I would enjoy the book as much as I had the films.

Save for a minor irritation at Austen's propensity for italics in her dialog, I loved it. I'm amazed at the economy of her descriptions, which remain powerful nonetheless. I suspect my own electronic scribbles here will suffer from unconsciously imitating her style for some days, but then again, I've always written weirdly. At least I don't use as many semi-colons as Austen does. (usually!)

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