Thursday, June 14, 2007


We're leaving Friday and will be gone for, oh, approximately 7 weeks. Haven't started packing yet, either.

What have I been doing? Hmmm, let me see -- we purged the bookcases, the playroom, and DD's room, and got rid of a huge amount outgrown books and toys, not to mention trash. That took a whole day.

Today was laundry day, plus getting our new cat caretaker acquainted with the kitties and their routine, plus doing stuff I should've done weeks ago -- loading the photos onto the digital photo frame we got for Mom's birthday, and doing the pages for her scrapbook.

Now I'm thinking that I need an entire extra suitcase for things I want to bring (like my knitting) that are not made for travel. But I'm going to be gone long enough that I want them with me. Maybe I'll pack them up and ship them? We'll see.

Oddly, I'm not panicked yet, because I have all day tomorrow, and the laundry is already finished, and now it's just a question of pulling things together. I'm off to check the long-range forecast to see how cold it will be, to help in the decision on how much cold-weather clothes we need to bring.

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