Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the same, only different

So, here we are again in Falmouth and adjusting to our summer life.

I remembered yesterday -- too late! -- that the delightful-sounding Coffee Toffee sundae at Friendly's has more candy than ice cream; the same thing happened last year. But when a whole year elapses before you see it on a menu again, you forget. Well, I did, anyway.

Today we all piled into two cars and visited the Zooquarium in West Yarmouth, where we learned to our dismay that the two sea lions had died last August. They both led long and happy lives, so it's difficult to be sad for them, but we were disappointed that we wouldn't see the show. We were nevertheless charmed by the two animal presentations we did see, one of a pot-bellied pig, and one of a pygmy African hedgehog, which has to be among the cutest animals in existence. The sneeze-bark sound is hysterical.

I'm trying to keep the kids on track with things like eating, sleeping, and not turning into snide, disrespectful jerks, with moderate success on all counts... it's a constant battle.

We've made a good beginning.

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