Monday, June 04, 2007

that's better

I did finally get moving and managed to do just about everything I wanted to do today, but now I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm not used to manual labor, and loading up a van full of furniture definitely qualifies. Given the state of the van's floors prior to my cleaning them, I'm pretty sure vacuuming qualifies as manual labor, also.

The kids are all spun up, having only one and a half days left of school. DS1 checked his grades online today and rejoiced at having pulled out all A's, announcing, "I've got all A's and nothing can happen to change that now!" He was so happy. I was so happy because it was his accomplishment, not mine. Very minimal nagging happened in this last quarter of school.

Tomorrow: grocery shopping, laundry, and the last of the clean-up. I want to be able to enjoy Wednesday with the kids, and Thursday, late morning, my in-laws arrive for their long weekend here. Whee!

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