Tuesday, April 03, 2007

losing days

I've just finished my third week on my new thyroid meds regimen (dropped my Cytomel completely, sticking with my previous level of Levoxyl.*) The entirety of this experiment, I've also had a sinus infection, and I also just started on a new med for my post-gallbladder-removal digestion problems.

Yesterday was my last day on my second round of antibiotics for the sinus junk, and much to my relief, the morning nausea I was experiencing hasn't shown up today. Evening nausea is definitely related to taking the Questran on an empty stomach, or too soon before eating: ideally, I take it right before dinner, then it works perfectly without making me feel sick. Actually, it works perfectly even when it makes me feel sick, but I can do without the feeling sick part.

The worst of what's going on relates, I have to believe, to the thyroid meds. I keep waking up not knowing what day it is. This has happened to me a few times over the years, but now it's getting to be a regular thing: I wake up in a panic, because I've overslept and the kids will be late for school and there's nothing already to go for breakfast or lunch... and then I realize it's Saturday. Or this morning, I panicked thinking it was Wednesday, which means that DS1 would be gone with DH to physical therapy, and oversleeping is a very big deal because I have to get the peewees off to school. But by the time my feet hit the floor I remember that it's Tuesday and there's no need to panic because I overslept by 15 minutes; DH has already got the kids up and they're all doing their morning stuff and everything is surprisingly calm and OK. Except inside my head, where the panic takes a while to subside.

I understand where the lost day feeling comes from, in part: yesterday I got called in to substitute at 7:35AM, needing to be there by 8AM, and needing to shower, dress, and eat as well! Remarkably, we made it, although only by breaking my previous record for fastest shower ever. The little ones made it much easier by actually being ready to go when I needed them to be, miraculously. It helped that DS1 was out at PT! There's always more friction when the three of them are around.

I'm functional for the most part, though the house is pretty much a disaster. I'm sure my meds could us an uptick, but I'm going to hold out for one more week before I go and have my blood drawn for the new labs. The sinus junk is as persistent as ever, although the Nasonex really does help. Now I must wrestle with whether or not to go to the ENT or just hope it goes away... while I chalk up my newest difficulty swallowing to the virulent post nasal-drip that just will not quit.

(*) I dropped the Cytomel because it's very expensive, and because I wanted to see if I really do need it, after all. My endo decided to keep my dosage of Levoxyl the same as what I was taking before (125mcg) because I was taking such a tiny dose of Cytomel (5mcg). I'm expecting to need an increase in the Levoxyl, but we wanted to see how much effect the Cytomel was having before adjusting the Levoxyl upwards.

I've already determined that if my endo won't increase my Levoxyl I'll just go back on the Cytomel -- I really don't like this fuzzy-headedness! Someday I'm going to forget something really important.

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