Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today, just one: no amount of dark chocolate, however luscious, can compensate for having managed to get only 4 or so hours of sleep for past three consecutive nights.

Yesterday's lessons:

1) A two-hour mid-day nap helps, but not that much.

2) Never, never eat corn chips out of the bag while reading. Eventually the bag will be empty and you will be wondering where the chips all went, and then you will realize that you've eaten them all quite without noticing. Always take out a bowl and dish yourself a serving. That way your clothes will still fit you in the morning.

3) Staying up late knitting is no more virtuous than staying up late doing any other mildly obsessive behavior. Especially when you're working on a sweater for yourself:

from Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2007

What? I need a new beach cover-up (my old denim shirt is falling apart), and I've had this yarn since before the Woolworth's in Boston's Downtown Crossing went out of business. I knew if I waited long enough, I'd find the right project for it.

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Sheik Yerbootie said...

Just for the record, I went through a one pound can of mixed nuts while rereading a biography of John Paul Jones. :>)

I will NEVER do that again.