Monday, April 16, 2007


My ENT, Dr. O, agrees with my TMD (jaw pain) doctor that what's going on with my "sinus" headaches is

1) not an infection at all and
2) possibly caused by referred pain from my screwed-up neck muscles

Of course, he also mentioned possibility 3) referred pain from the jaw joints, although his exam didn't seem to trigger anything to make that seem likely.

The question of the day was, What does Dr. C think of your occlusal plane? I had to admit we had never discussed it. I'll make a note of it for my next appointment. (This article is the kind of thing that makes you go "hmmmm" when you're having persistent headaches and some shoulder pain as well. On the other hand, there's no way I'm going for a third round of orthodontia.)

Bottom line is, I have to go for a CT scan of my sinuses.

I confessed to Dr. O my trepidations in having the scan. I know it's necessary, but I don't want to have to deal with either cancer or surgery (never mind both). He was quite sympathetic but assured me that we couldn't just leave it, as such neglect would be far from benign. Odds are this has nothing to do with cancer, although the twitch symptoms (not nearly as frequent now as they have been in the past) do seem a little freaky.

So we'll take a look and figure out what's going on -- I have to wait for the scheduler to call me to make the arrangements. It will be interesting trying to fit it in without canceling something else; my calendar is hysterically full for the rest of the month.

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