Tuesday, June 06, 2006

unintentional absence

The server hosting all my sites crashed one day last week. My ISP quickly brought the sites back online for viewing, but until today, I couldn't access my site to change content (in more technical terms: FTP was broken).

In the interim, I've been loading my music library into iTunes, and I'm up just over 10GB now -- as I type this, 768 new songs are being added to my iPod.

Tomorrow is DS1's and DD's last day of school, huzzah! And DS2 has his last swimming lesson. We won't really be off the hook until after storytime on Friday, though. I'm looking forward to the freedom of having literally nothing scheduled.

Except we do have one thing scheduled: the boys are having their tonsils and adenoids removed Monday, and DS1 will have his turbinades reduced as well. So far neither one of them seems unduly stressed by the pending surgeries, but that could change as Monday approaches.

DH and I have a date on Friday, figuring it's good to get away before the boys' surgery. Three weeks from now, I'll be in Massachusetts. My usual excitment is tempered with dread on the boys' behalf -- I'm hoping they have easy recoveries. I'm hoping we all don't go crazy with two cranky boys in the house, post-op.

This afternoon, the kids for once got along famously, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The older kids are now free from the tyranny of homework, at least for a while, and were magnanimous in their treatment of their little brother. It's a lot easier to be nice when you're not feeling stressed, hmmm? I'm adding this to my list of hopes: that we can preserve that peaceful, pleasant atmosphere through at least part of the summer.

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