Monday, June 12, 2006

tonsillectomy day

It was a very odd, long-ish day. We all schlepped up to the surgical center shortly after 8AM this morning; DS2 was finally taken back for his surgery close to 11, and DS1 around noon, I think. By the time all was said and done, we got home around 3PM.

We were greatly appreciative of all the high-tech portable entertainment devices we had brought, including Leapsters (ditched in favor of the facility's GameBoys), the portable DVD, and the iPod. DD watched High School Musical with DS1 before his surgery, and then watched Corpse Bride with DS2 after his.

The boys are at opposite ends of the recovery spectrum. DS2 is, quite literally, fine, although I expect there will be some backsliding tomorrow. He was hopping around and contemplating practicing his handsprings on the futon until we told him not to. He ate a half of a peanut butter sandwich, an otter pop, a firecracker popsicle, and a bowl of shells and cheese. He also drank at least a cup of milk, a cup of apple juice, and about three-quarters of a strawberry smoothie.

AND the Tooth Fairy is coming tonight for him, since the doctor removed his wiggler before actually getting to the tonsils and adenoids.

DS1, on the other hand, is suffering. His surgery was three times longer than his brother's, and he is feeling the effects of the anaesthesia. The kid is a puker, and always has been. I called the doctor's on-call service this evening and they phoned in a prescription for anti-nausea medication. It worked but it's method of delivery (suppository) made the boy even more miserable. But it did work, and then he could keep down his pain meds, and have more to drink, and even have a popsicle himself. Poor kid is also dealing with intermittent bloody drainage from his nose, especially when he cries.

There's not much we can do for him. I have to bully him to take the pain meds, because he can't drink if he's in pain, and if he gets dehydrated, the pain will only be worse. Once the pain meds kick in, he does much better.

DD was more or less angelic all day. She enjoyed her lunch of mini chocolate donuts and humongous rice krispy treat from the machine in the lobby; we weren't expecting such limited options, and had been asked not to leave the building. If she had been cranky, one of us would've ventured out for something more substantial, but we all survived. (DH & I had potato chip-like things. They were... edible.)

In other news, I'm thinking that all my weird tingly feelings could be a side effect of my RA meds, and I was very tired of how screwed up my digestion was, so I quit taking it. My hands actually feel better, but we'll see how long that lasts. I think I'll go back on the Minocycline; it really worked wonders while it was working. Maybe I just needed a break. For now, the weird tinglies are persisting, and I'm going for a blood draw in the morning. We'll see what's what, eh?

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