Wednesday, June 21, 2006


We're still in the weird limbo of recovery. The boys are feeling much better, but don't feel like actually doing much, so we're not.

Yesterday we ventured out twice: in the morning, DS1 had an appointment with the orthodontist. When we get back from vacation, he'll be fitted for an occlusal retainer with expander. (It doesn't look nearly as bad as it sounds.) He'll wear it overnight for the next three years, with the hope that he will then be spared the necessity of actual braces. As much as I know he will dislike it, I will do my best to convince him that three years of wearing a retainer at night is far better than two years of actual braces, 24-7.

In the evening, we all went for ice cream. It's most likely the last family outing (except for Mass this weekend) we'll make until DH joins us on the East Coast in July.

I haven't started packing, but I'm slowly going through the long list of everything-that-must-be-brought, and making sure we have enough. The plan is laundry on Friday, pack on Saturday... leave on Sunday.

Doesn't seem real.

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