Sunday, June 25, 2006

here, finally

It was a long day... left home at 8AM MST, finally arrived at my mom's at 10PM EDT. The flight was delayed taking off because of bad weather elsewhere, and once we were in the air, we were re-routed to avoid that same bad weather, so the flight was an hour longer than usual.

It was the typical travel day of bad food (ameliorated slightly by the presence of very good chocolate, which I brought with me) and waiting and waiting and waiting, but the kids were wonderful. DS1 had probably his best flight ever, thanks to Dramamine and a decent lunch.

Here at the old homestead, I feel very square-peg-in-round-hole-ish: I don't fit here. It is always this way at the beginning, I have to find my way here again every year. I forget the physical realities of this place over the long winter, so they always come as a shock to me again when we arrive. The house is fine, but it's full... and it is simply not possible to put all of the clothes for four people into two dresser drawers, even if they are nice and deep; they are not that wide. Still, I managed to put all of our things "away" neatly, and hopefully the system will hold up. We'll see.

The forecast is full of rain as far as the eye can see, so we will have to busy ourselves with other than beach activities. It's OK, the boys aren't supposed to swim for another week yet anyway. I have a sense of weightlessness now, all of the scheduled responsibilities are finished until August! And I've even submitted columns through September, so I don't even have that hanging over me. Ah, freedom...if only the weather would cooperate.

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