Saturday, March 26, 2005


This day was strange. It seems I did nothing, but that's just because I didn't prepare any meals (although I did pick up the pizza for dinner.)

DH and I both shopped (separately) today for clothes for the service tonight. I spent an inordinate amount of time at Nordstrom Rack trying to find a top to match a very pretty skirt I found. I tried on a cardigan I loved, but it was really too small (sigh), and of course, it was the only one they had. So after that exercise in frustration I went down the strip mall to TJ Maxx and found a dress and shoes in about a half-an-hour. Yay! I love the shoes, they are so comfy and pretty. I bet I wear them out this summer.

We left for the Easter Vigil at 6; it didn't start until 7, but that's OK. We hung out in the courtyard with all the other candidates for a few minutes, and then I went in to the Church to find a seat. It was already packed at 6:20! I managed to find a seat in my "usual" area, and another Saturday vigil regular sat next to me. Actually, I recognized quite a few people in my general vicinity, which was nice. DH, of course, didn't have to worry about getting a seat, as they had roped off about half the church for the candidates.

There were over 40 baptisms, and I'd say at least 30 confirmations, if not more. It was really quite extraordinary. My voice only went squeaky a few times, once when there was a cloud of incense, and once when I swallowed wrong -- that has been happening more frequently lately. (grrrrr) It was nice to be able to sing, and I liked the songs they chose.

DH is a full-fledged Catholic now. Yay! It was so nice coming out of the church and having so many people greet us to say Congratulations or just to shake hands. I feel it is so important to belong to a community larger than your own family, and I love the community of our church.

We got home a little before 10, and got everything ready for the Easter Bunny. Tomorrow's plan is egg hunt, brunch, and then Mass with the kids.

Papa is recovering nicely from his terrible fall yesterday -- he tripped off the curb and broke his glasses, and the wire frame sliced his forehead by his eyebrow. He had to get stitches and has a nasty shiner now with lots of swelling, but already it looks better than it did yesterday. DH picked up a pair of dark glasses for him to wear so he won't feel uncomfortable coming out with us tomorrow -- he wanted to stay in and hide! He says it doesn't hurt and I hope that's true. I'm very glad he decided to come with us to brunch. It just would not do to leave him home!

Nana and Papa oversaw the egg decorating while DH and I were at the vigil. I know how much the kids enjoy that, and I'm sorry I missed it -- but I'm still very glad I got to go to the Easter Vigil and see DH's confirmation and all.

Happy Easter!

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Now, we have to get DH in to the "secret" club.