Monday, March 07, 2005

look at all the little piggies...

I have that stupid, stupid Beatles' song going through my head now.

Anyway, there aren't all that many little piggies to look at here, just ME!

I have been eating way too much. Too much junk, too much of everything. I'm up to just under 130 and if it gets any higher than that my clothes will start looking terrible, which is just a tiny notch below "won't fit."

I'm hoping this is cyclical. Or possibly related to the increase in thyroid meds (hey, it's possible!). Or maybe I've just decided that I want to eat whatever I please, consequences (i.e., fat thighs) be damned.

On the upside, my face no longer resembles those of the walking dead. The cavernous cheek/dark eye circle look is so over, donchaknow!

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