Monday, March 21, 2005


These past few days I have been feeling agitated and powerless, much as I did before the elections in November, because of the Terri Schiavo case.

I feel as if this is a tipping point, and how this case is decided will determine which direction our country is going to go. Just now, many people are fighting to save this woman's life, and a few are seeking her death. The problem stems from initial findings of fact by Judge Greer in FL, that have never been reviewed because fact-findings are not subject to appeal, only procedural issues are!

To me it is incomprehensible how a convicted murderer can get a stay of execution from the governor of his state, but a completely innocent woman can be murdered this way without some people even batting an eyelash.

This feeling of portentious events pending, over which I have no control, has made me sad and scared and unsettled, and all that is exhausting, too.

I spent the day with the kids, we did some errands and then I more or less ignored them the rest of the day (heh) -- cooked a nice dinner for the in-laws, who arrived about 5:30pm. We ate outside just ahead of the evening chill descending, and it was very nice.

Woke up this morning to that dreadful familiar hit-by-a-truck feeling, much to my annoyance. Plus the left parotid has started kicking up a bit, too. At least now I have a more symmetrical face again (cloud, meet the thinnest silver lining ever.) I decided I need to get moving, though, and started up my trunk-stability exercises from physical therapy again, in the hopes they will help my back problem (worse lately, too). Could all this be weather related? I suppose, but you know, I hate that. Can't control the weather, and most of the time I don't even pay attention to it enough so I could proactively medicate before symptoms kick in.

Tomorrow AM: blood work. What will my Tg be? I hope, I hope it has gone down... I have to remember to ask the tech, When can I call for the results? No way am I letting this one slide.

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