Sunday, March 13, 2005

linen season

These past few days the high temps have reached close to 90, and I'm sure it has been well above that in the direct sun. So linen season has begun!

Friday I took the kids to Border's after school, and it was nice to be at our old hangout again. It seems that things keep coming up and we only make it there once a month or so, but everyone still remembers us, which makes it very comfortable.

Late Friday night (after 12:30), DD woke up in tears with an earache; we dosed her up with ibuprofen and put the painkiller drops in her ears, and she went back to sleep. That kind of threw a minor wrench in our plans for Saturday; I took her over to the urgent care center where they confirmed that she has another ear infection.

After picking up her prescription and everything, we were finally ready to go to the Ostrich Festival, which is basically a big fair/carnival thing with rides and all that. The kids love it. We had wanted to get there right at 10AM when it opened (it gets very hot in the open, like that), but ended up getting there closer to 11. It all worked out fine, though. There were no lines, and everyone was very pleasant. We split up, DH taking DS2 and me with the older two, and they did rides for an hour or so and then we had lunch -- we even scored seats at a picnic table in a covered ramada, in the shade, prime lunch real estate. I splurged on "spun potatoes", freshly cut and fried in peanut oil, lots of salt... mmmmmm. Also on the fresh squeezed lemonade ($4 for 32 oz, $2 for refills). We spent an inordinate amount of cash on buying water -- you're not allowed to bring your own, and who wants to carry it around, anyway? And then, the food. Yikes. Could you believe it took us about 10 minutes to track down some cotton candy? We get a small bag and let the 3 kids split it, it's really not so much of a sugar overdose certainly it has less sugar than the lemonade does! DH even got a deep-fried twinkie. It was OK but I think the Oreo would've been better. (hee)

We were home before 3PM, sticky, dusty, and exhausted, and had early baths and went off to church.

Today I took the tribe to the Mesa Southwest Museum to see the new exhibit "Tusks", about the cool tusked animal fossils that have been found in Florida. There were these really bizarre creatures called shoveltuskers that I had never heard of before. The kids really love that museum (me, too). After the museum we went over to Sam's Club for snacks and some groceries -- although I was irritated that the pharmacy was closed when we got there, if it is even open at all on Sundays -- so I will have to go back this week for my Cytomel.

I am thinking that my ravenous hunger (which could be related to how much junk I have been eating, but maybe not) may be related to my meds, I am probably technically hyperthyroid at this point. New labs a week from Wednesday, just have to tough out a little longer and see where this all ends up.

Oh, and since DS2's spring break is this coming week, he's going to have to come with me to see the ENT on Wednesday. Sigh. I don't mind bringing him, but it freaks him out to have to listen to me talk about all of these things with the doctor. Which of course I have to do.

In-laws arrive one week from tomorrow... that will require some getting my act together before then. Heh.

My back is not-good, and on Friday when I called for the results of my MRI, at 2:30pm, I was already getting the "call the answering service and leave a message if you must" recording, even though office hours are supposed to be until 3PM! I am going to complain about that, for sure.

And my throat feels more junky than ever. I have either a very slight cold or allergies going on, but seriously, ouch. My face hurts, my jawline hurts, my throat hurts. I'm glad I'm seeing the ENT on Wednesday.

Those are just the top two complaints for now, but that's enough. I am miserable but trying hard not to be. All of this is very tiring. Friday and Saturday both I crashed on the futon in the family room for an hour's nap. I wonder how I will be able to get through all the things I am supposed to be doing, and all the plans we've made -- Disneyland? A few hours at the Ostrich Festival laid me out! Well, Disney is still more than a month away so I hope to feel better. We'll manage, regardless... we always do.

I'm very glad for the warmer weather. The air outside smells insanely good with all the orange blossoms. And there's a lot less laundry because we're all wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts!

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