Thursday, March 22, 2007

I really don't want to know

I don't understand tattoos, or the impulse to get one, at all, and I wrote about it some time ago, here.

At the time, my friend Tom joked in the comments that I should "copyright and patent the term Tattoo Taxidermy right now," and I would become rich beyond my wildest dreams.

So... should I be disturbed by the recent Google searches for "tattoo taxidermy" that have brought new readers to my blog?

Like I said, I really don't want to know.

1 comment:

Sheik Yerbootie said...

I told you to copyright and patent the term. :>)

I'd make a lousy stock broker because nobody ever listens to me.

Including my wife.

And my kids.

~~ sigh ~~

I live a lonely existence - ignored and remanded to "oh crap -there he goes again" status - it is my destiny. :>)