Friday, March 23, 2007

new meds status report

Thyroid hormones: it may be just my imagination, but I'm feeling brain fog settle in. I made a spectacular blunder this week -- no need to detail my embarrassments here, and I was able to reschedule -- and I can't blame that on not getting enough sleep. Last night I got 8+ hours and I still feel fuzzy-headed. Of course, that could just because the...

Sinus meds aren't working, and my PCP called in a new prescription for me today/ I'm clinging to the hope that this new antibiotic will knock the infection out, but just barely. I'm not in the mood for expensive tests and invasive treatments. But I am disappointed that regular use of my Nasonex and Mucinex, combined with the Biaxin, haven't had more of an effect. If anything, I'm worse today than earlier in the week. I have a headache, but it's more like my face hurts -- behind the eyes and nose. Ick.

Last but not least, the Questran seems to be doing its job, more or less. You really can't tell about that kind of thing when you've just started on a course of antibiotics. At least I can't, because antibiotics routinely screw up my digestive system. So while the situation isn't perfect, I will say that it is improved, and that is a very good thing.

I've played hooky today: not working, and nothing pressing that really needed to get done. I haven't been a total slug, though -- I've got some laundry going, and I made some primitive efforts to save the rose bushes that have flopped over.
March 2005: DD fleeing from the monster rose bush...

Recent high winds combined with the heaviness of the bushes led to trellis failure for three of our Lady Banks. Fortunately, we were planning on de-trellising them anyway and training them along the privacy wall, so it's not that big a deal. Except that now we basically have no choice!

Sometimes life just makes decisions for you that way.

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