Thursday, May 18, 2006

quick rundown

* I got the biopsy report, finally, and it doesn't say much of anything. Unfortunately there was no ultrasound report whatsoever. I'll ask my ENT about that.

* DS2 started swimming lessons on Tuesday, and wonder of wonders, he likes it. He must have cried, without exaggeration, six times about it before he actually went. Today, he didn't want to get out of the pool. He's actually swimming, too -- willingly putting his face in the water, jumping in, the whole thing. It's so cool.

* Storytime started on Tuesday. Tomorrow is the last round of Thomas the Tank Engine books and train songs. For the next two weeks, we're "going down to the pond," so I have to find some good songs that fit the theme. "Five Little Speckled Frogs" is on the list already.

* Gas is hugely expensive ($3.07 at the cheapest stations) and I've managed to burn through a tank in less than four days, what with all the extra trips to Borders and the Y. Yikes.

* Saw Dr. P, my rheumatologist, and she doubled my dose of Arava, since she started me very low. She also recommended taking Aleve if I'm in pain. She's the one person I'm supposed to whine to, when I'm not feeling well. I still feel guilty for doing it, though.

* DS2's last day of school was today. Today also included his swim lesson, taking DS1 to the Y for swim practice, and picking DD up after her dance class. Then, this evening, the older kids' "Spring Sing" and school open house, and the tech rehearsal for DD's dance recital on Saturday (I'm a volunteer/chaperone, so I have to attend these things.) In other words, a completely crazy day.

* Even though we've been really busy, I've managed to stay on top of the shopping and cooking (not so much the cleaning, though, although I'm good with the laundry...) We looked at the cash flow situation and decided that one thing we could at least try to do was cut down on how much we spent eating out; so far, so good. I've found a pizza sauce recipe the kids actually like (!!!), so homemade pizza is now in the rotation. And I'm resurrecting old, pre-kid favorites like chicken parmesan and kung pao chicken... they try them with suspicion. Someday, they may even like them.

* We're into triple digits again, and we'll be here until mid-October. I'm so glad I'll get to escape for a while. It gets oppressive when it's 92 degrees at 9AM.

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