Monday, May 22, 2006

on the wheel

I'm a small furry rodent in a cage, and I can't figure out how to get off this damned squeaky wheel.

This was a long weekend, in most respects lovely.

Friday I took the kids to Borders for snack after school, even though I had just been in the morning with DS2 for storytime. No matter. Came home, and made pizza for dinner. I've finally found a sauce recipe the kids will eat, and so it's in the menu rotation now. It was good.

Saturday: Up early, took DS1 to the Y for his lesson but the teacher was out; crossed wires I guess, but I had left her a message to call and clarify things with me, and she never did: harumph. Began the laborious process of importing all my CDs to iTunes. Yikes. Early in the afternoon, scooted up to Scottsdale for the book signing of my online-writer's group mate Cornelia Read's first novel, Field of Darkness. Go, Cornelia! She's touring as the protege of sorts of Lee Childs, who is apparently a big mystery writer. Who knew? Not me, I'm not into the genre at all. Doesn't matter, except that Cornelia gets to talk to sizable crowds because Lee is well known. I didn't get to speak to her because I had to dash to DD's dance recital. Controlled chaos throughout, but it all worked just fine. Flancer's for dinner afterwards was perfect.

Sunday: Mass in the morning, Over the Hedge (I liked it) in the afternoon, more iTunes and laundry to get us to now.

This week: appointments with my ENT, the dermatologist, and the dentist; storytime x3; swimming lessons for DS2 x2. Plus the usual school pick-ups and drop-offs, but at least DS2's soccer season is over.

My throat hurts, my arthritis seems marginally better, and I took an elbow to the eye socket this evening by an inexplicable chain of events. Things could be a lot worse. In spite of the eye-whack-induced headache, I'm feeling pretty good.

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Tracey said...

Yeowch! Sorry about the hit to the eye. It hurts just thinking about it. Your days sound remarkably like mine! I should change my blogger name to "taxi-mom". I'm sorry you're still having problems with the arthritis and sore throat. I'm hoping SOME day you get complete relief!