Tuesday, January 10, 2006

optimist or realist?

DS2 has a raging ear infection. This has been a very rough winter for him: strep throat ($10 antibiotic) followed by mono (palliative measures only: buy stock in Motrin) followed now by an ear infection ($65 antibiotic.)

He woke up crying in the wee hours this morning, complaining of an earache, and woke again this morning just as his ibuprofen wore off with the same complaint. He was miserable all day, and was especially anxious about having to go to the doctor because the last visit had included a blood test. My assurances to him that he wouldn't have a needle stick today did nothing to calm his fears.

He was glued to me for our entire visit, and only started to perk up as he was choosing his sticker on the way out. (You don't get to choose from the toy box unless you get a shot -- it was probably the happiest he'd ever been to have not picked out a toy.)

As I carried him out of the doctor's office, I said to him, You're having a bad winter, aren't you?

He looked up at me and said, It feels good to me, Mom, then laid his head back down on my shoulder.

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