Saturday, January 07, 2006

in other news

I feel like crud.

I haven't had any exercise except physical therapy since my surgery, having managed to make it to yoga class I think 2 or 3 times before the kids got sick and we went away and all that.

Since graduation from physical therapy, the only exercise I've had was walking/carrying kids around Disneyland -- and that was just a few days over a week ago.

Those few pounds I gained over the holidays are still with me, and I'll probably gain more if I keep eating as much junk (chocolate, pasta, bread, coffee drinks) as I've been eating lately.

My face hurts, too. All of my salivary glands have been acting up for a couple of weeks now, and it's extremely annoying. It's not an excruciating pain or anything, just a slight ache all above and below the jaw, and alternating states of being awash in salty saliva or having no saliva at all.

My RA is once again starting to kick my butt, but that makes sense given the lousy diet and lack of exercise.

And bad sleep. I've been staying up way too late, trying to clear my head (ha!) -- it's a transition time, getting used to having Mom here. When I do get to bed, I don't sleep right away as I usually do.

I need to get a handle on this because it's not going to get better on its own. With DS2 going back to school this week, hopefully we'll be able to settle into a better routine, one that includes me getting some exercise time and space, and developing a more healthy mechanism for rebalancing myself.

My overall impression of today was that it sucked, because of traffic idiocy, kid squabbles -- I actually had to rearrange their seats in the van on the way home this evening to keep them from beating on each other -- and garden variety accidents: DD dropped her coffee in the children's section at Borders. You ask: she gets her own coffee? I reply: Not after today, she doesn't.

Some good things about today: I cleaned the bathrooms and changed out the linen on all the beds, and even washed the old linens. My friend M came and visited with her 3 chihuahuas, and I took a million pictures; they're adorable. The holiday gingerbread cake at Border's is really delicious. The new episode of Battlestar Galactica was all kinds of good, and I'm not even plugged into the series. Tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep late!

That good-things list seems a bit thin, but it's enough. And now I'll take myself and my sinus headache off to bed, and hope things are brighter in the morning.

Sleepy time!

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nina said...

Many people have sucky days immediately after December. Mine was today as well. True, no one spilled anything and my jaw does not ache. But I waited endlessly in lines to check off things that were painfully uninspiring. And -- you have this yet ahead -- my daughters returned to school in CT. The house is empty. Sigh. I even miss their rare squabbles.