Sunday, January 22, 2006

best of...

The Cancer, Health, Medicine link on the right there has now been updated with links to many of my health-related posts, plus all of my Grand Rounds entries.

The process was not uplifting. I really have been through an awful lot the past few years.

I wish my throat would stop hurting now, and I wish the fact that it is hurting would not make me think that I have more cancer. It would be nice if a sore throat could just be a sore throat caused by a virus that will go away on its own. My recent history makes me think, Oh no! More surgery...

Yeah, I know it's stupid, but I can't help it. Two things I will try to keep in mind: first, my Tg was undetectable a month ago, and second: I have gained weight recently.

Both of those are very good things.

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Tracey said...

Those little ( or not so little ) fears crop up and it can be so difficult. The minute I have any pain in my breasts, I automatically think MY BREAST CANCER IS BACK! but then I have to remind myself that most of the time there IS no pain. Oy. I can empathize so much with you right now. I'm sorry you're having a sore throat, though. Those are awful.