Monday, January 02, 2006

January's column

I had the weird experience of reading through this month's column in the Low Carb Carb Luxury online magazine, A Quick Hot Breakfast, while eating that very recipe.

It's DH's oatmeal, and it's very good. I like to keep a stash of ziploc bags filled with the pre-measured ingredients, so I can have breakfast ready in about 3 minutes. On too-busy mornings, I make it up in a deeper-than-necessary plastic container and take it in the car with me as I'm chauffering DS2 to school. This tactic has saved me from having to skip breakfast altogether many mornings, as I often schedule appointments right after DS2's drop-off time. Physical therapy on an empty stomach really doesn't work well for me, so having an "instant breakfast" that's more than a protein shake is something I really appreciate.

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