Monday, November 28, 2005

for the record

I believe this is pretty typical, but I can never remember from year to year, so I figured I'd make a note of it:

We had to switch the thermostat over to "heat" this evening. We have it set at 70. It just came up a few minutes ago. First official heat of the season! (We had the heat on a couple of weeks ago when the HVAC guys came in to do the annual check on our 2 furnaces. I had no idea we had 2 furnaces, but we do; we also have 2 huge A/C machines. Heckuva lot of HVAC going on in this house.)

It's embarrassing to admit how cold 70 degrees feels to someone who air-conditions the house to 81 degrees and feels comfortable, the other 8+ months of the year.

I remember driving to work wearing ski gloves because the heater in my car was pathetic, back when I lived in Massachusetts. For 2 years when I was in college, I didn't even own a car (didn't even have my license!), and rode my bike everywhere, even in the dead of winter. Ski gloves, again the essential accessory. Maybe if I were still doing things like that, I'd be in better shape now? Nah, I don't believe it.

I'm glad I live in a place now where I'll only have to wear ski gloves if I'm going skiing.

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